Travel Myths That Are Wrong

1. Travel is expensive

This for long has been the reason why many people don’t travel. It has been assumed and told for decades that travel is expensive however this is not true. The secret that not many share is that:- You need to save for your travel, plan ahead before your travel and then use public transport it saves alot.

2. Travel is not safe

Traveling is very safe if you take your time to Observe the surroundings, If you fear for security then join group travels, if you are dating like some of us just trust your guts and go, and always know that what the media says about a given place may not be so accurate for example if you hear that Samburu is full of bandits it’s not the whole of samburu you may be surprised that bandits are 200km from the Samburu you want to visit.

3. Don’t eat street food

Here the rule is very simple for all travellers, “if it doesn’t look good don’t eat it”. Personally when I am travelling and I need to eat street food I eat at the place with long ques or “kibanda” with many people rather than the one with few people eating there

4. You shouldn’t travel solo

This is not true, for long I have know that travel is about courage supported by little money. Solo travel is my best because it doesn’t give me limitation as I do things as by my plans and my wish. Solo travel is also my best because it gives me a chance to discover myself. Through solo travel I get to know my weakness and above my strength as everything I am doing it as by myself. Lastly solo traveling will always get you to meet like minded people.

5. Travel isn’t safe for women

For now the emerging numbers of female travellers has gone up compared to the male travellers. It is safe for anyone to travel even if you are a female. As you travel all you need to do is be friendly and people will become your friends who will end up being your guides and show you places worth a visit or places that are safe for you. Before you travel also you need to ask for tips and experiences from others in order to be prepared. Then finally, try so hard to even speak a work of the local destination you are planning to visit they will always appreciate your effort and you will be safe on your journey. Some of female travellers doing great in traveling include the following Marion of Scrapbook Journeys , Rheen Ruby of Backpacking east africa , LG Shiks of Village girl adventures , Wangechi Gitahi travels , Bonita on safari among other ladies who are traveling all over the country and region of east Africa.

5. Travel is not easy

This is not true because it all needs early planning unless you are random person as I am. But you need to plan early enough before your journey starts as it will help you plan your schedule and you will be knowing where, when and what to do as by your plans. Also as you travel to avoid fatigue always set aside some time for breaks during your travel to avoid getting tired and also to give your self sometime to rest.

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