I Am greatful

2021 is soon packing up and the calendar pages folding up after 364 days and soon the sky shall be painted in all colours of different fireworks as we usher in 2022 and open up a new page of a calendar reading Day 1 of 365 days.

Riftvallet view point

Reflecting back on this year, it has been a great year and I am glad for all I have learnt through the falls and rise up moments. There has been many ups and downs which have all brought along their own learning moments and just like they say, for the beauty and preciousness of a diamond pressure and fire needs to be there for it to be valuable so has life been as we have done our best to learn how to survive with the pandemic and getting back to our feet

Nairobi National Museum

Today as I write probably the last blog post of 2021, I want to be Thankful so this is a Note of thanks that I am writing to you my followers and also to my self as I celebrate a milestone here on this notebook online.

Hells gate National park

It has been a great year even if few adventures defines it but the little I enjoy and shared were great.

John Michuki Memorial Park

From the first blog I wrote back in 2014 when only 1 or even no reader went through to my funny short blogs (if I remember well it was a one paragraph blog on Easter holiday) today it has grown with over a thousand readers in few days from all over the world and many friends have I met through this platform all I can say is Thank you for growing the page and all those we have met on the streets or tagged along on the adventures may we travel more and share our stories,

Dinner at Zeituni Lodge Elementaita

for those we have met only in words here in the blog 2022 we shall definitely meet just I have always told fellow adventure seekers so shall I say it again “WE DON’T UNPACK OUR BAGS, WE JUST REPACK THEM FOR THE NEXT ONE..”

Today it’s not about travel stories, all I wanted to say is “Merry Christmas and happy Adventure packed prosperous 2022”

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