How cheap is Traveling?

Looks like the year is on a free gear! The way days are rushing and months are running out of days looks like 2021 has had enough of us and wants us to have a rest after we have got enough skills on how to survive and celebrate after 10 months.

Been traveling on short getaways withing my residence town of Nairobi and out of the city but not as much as before the COVID-19 due to restrictions or new requirements demanded on travellers.

However, whenever I talk about travelling or when I do write about my travel experience, one question always arises which today I will try to answer in the shortest and easiest way I can. The question everyone always asks me is “…… traveling really cheap as you always write and showcase in your pictures and blogs?”

Yes indeed, as I will be sharing some of the tactics I use that enable me to enjoy my travel and makes me say Travel is cheap. Here are my 5 travel tips that makes my travel cheap:

1. Research about Destination to visit:

Random travel is great and I do them once in a while but it has never been so random for me as I would have done a research about the destination may be months before my travel and added the destination into my long list then out of nowhere a friend tells me of his/her plans to visit same destination only then would I jump into the idea after sharing our prior research that include Places to visit, the security status, where to stay at and so much. So before you pack those bags, do enough research about your destination and you will enjoy your visit and avoid the “surprise character” involved with no prior planning

2. Travel in the Off-season

This has always been my best secret behind my many travel adventures. Just like it is known we got the High season and low season in traveling. What you may not have known is that a hotel charging so highly in the high seasons could be very affordable in the low season. Personally destinations like the Mara to the Coastal beach holidays I always ensure I am visiting them during the low season, I do everything the opposite for example when everyone is rushing in booking their December holidays in Mombasa, you will find me rushing to western Kenya and other destinations that are on their low seasons and my pockets is always at peace since it’s less cheaper compared to goin for a holiday to the coast which I would go there after schools are opened back and holidays are over.

3. Cheap doesn’t mean you are poor

Many travellers say traveling is expensive because they believe that if they travel cheap, stay in cheap hostels or guest houses, eat cheap they will look poor…..

Personally when I am travelling I will be looking for the cheapest prices in almost everything for example I got tired of paying for rooms that are expensive so I opted to investing in camping equipments.

It has saved my the cost for accomodation, the cost of meals as I cook for myself and finally saved on my travel expenses, nowadays I allocate myself have the cost I used to spend in accomodation, so if you want to enjoy travel remember “cheap doesn’t mean poor”

5. Pack in backpack/hand luggage (pack small)

Something many travellers fail to do is packing small. How do I pack small or lightly? Please don’t laugh but it works for me and this is how I do it

(a) I don’t pack more than one sweater or jacket one is always enough for me

(b) I pack not more than 5 tshirts since I wear and wash them so develop the wash and wear culture

(c) I never pack more light or white clothes they catch dirt so easily park more dark clothes that show no or catch less dirt

(d) I don’t over pack, am always have only the essentials and less things with me, I pack even in a small backpack and I will away for weeks

4. Use public service Vehicles

Why would you hire a car to travel yet it would save you so much if you used a PSV? I have travel far and wide using public service Vehicles which I found it cheaper and cost saving as it cuts expenses by a half. It’s also in this PSVs that you will be told by a local of a waterfall, or you will learn of the history or even get yourself a local guide to show you around the destination. At times even the drivers of this vehicle are the ones who end up telling me more about the destination am visiting also they show you many hidden Gems that even the online friend called google has never heard of. So just pop into that bus, mini van, or even those market

All in all, don’t fear to travel as it being expensive is a myth that needs many fear to break away from. Hope to see more people back in travelling spirit with the easing of Travel.


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