KICC;- 48 years of identity

Today 48 years ago on 11th September 1973 Nairobi was gifted an iconic tower that for now 48 years has been the identity of Nairobi from the postal stamps, postcards and even first time visitors to the city.

KICC ( Kenyatta International Convention Centre) has stood and seen time and history get shaped from it’s centre point and towering unique beauty. Since it’s official opening in 1973 it has played host to many events from it’s first international event : The World bank Conference to many others.

It’s construction was in 3 phases that included the main tower, a podium and the plenary that makes it an amazing architectural feature mixed by mixed history behind it’s design. The most confusing is that of recent when David Mutiso an architect who was among other who were involved in it’s construction said the idea of the design came from the shape of the “donkeys penis” however after reading and research further I got to find out that Norwegian architect Karl Henrik Nøstvik who was the main architect was inspired by the tulip flower where by the circular conference hall represent a budding tulip flower to represent “un independ Kenya” while the main tower represent the full bloomed tulip flower meaning an independent and free Kenya”

The Sh80 million and 28-storey building stood as tallest structure in Nairobi and Kenya up until 2000 upon the construction of Kenya’s economic tower known as Times Tower building just imagine it stood as an iconic tall building in Kenya for 27 years

Today the building is an attraction to many visitors as it’s one of the few places that can grant you a 360° view of the city and it’s surrounding from the Helipad open to the public for visit but at a cost. One of my favourite thing about this tower is that on a lucky day you can have a view of Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro but on a very clear sky above all the view is one to love which also shows the layout of the city from the industrial area to the beautiful Ngong hills that once got to be named as one of the most romantic place in Kenya.

Some few days back the helipad had been closed from the public but just few hours back it has been officially open back for visitors to enjoy the beautiful views of our evolving and towering city. It remains as one of my favourite destination among the many in Nairobi.

When visiting Nairobi just pay a visit to this iconic building and enjoy the views and architectural beauty. Charges are as follows

Citizens Ksh 200, Residents Ksh 200, Foreigners Ksh 400

Or you can Join Nairobi On Foot on their Nairobi city walk tours that are now known as #TheCityWeAssume

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