Lesson I have got traveling

Of all your travel, what have you learnt that makes you appreciate Traveling more than before? Personally, i have learnt to be with people and see them more like friends we had not met rather than strangers. i have travelled {not so much and met many people} and every time i meet people it doesn’t take long before we are great friends only to find out we share a lot of things together in our different travel times. Curiosity has taken me to many places and learnt that if you believe what you read or see on the news you … Continue reading Lesson I have got traveling

Road trip Mashinani, Nakuru

When am writing about my travel stories most and every blog has something that ignites my kick of or push me to write Today”s is special as I was reading and trying to learn about Italian Prisoners of war in Kenya. Did you know that we had about 19 camps that held Italian Prisoners of war in Kenya? Yes we did, one day I will write about a few I have learnt about from my reading and small research but I had written about one of them click here Italian Prison The story that gave me the moral to write … Continue reading Road trip Mashinani, Nakuru

Back to Geography classes

How often do you remember what you learnt back in school or collage? Personally I think almost everyday is a remind of a class or a subject back to school except from may be Chemistry where am yet to make an acid or count the number of atom or protons outside here (I hope I got it write on those words of proton and atom) Every day or every travel for me it’s like I always go back to a specific subject when I look from one side to the other. Reason being that I work or do my writing … Continue reading Back to Geography classes

Why do I write?

“Why do you write?” This is a question I always get to be asked by friends, fellow bloggers, colleagues and even family members. The answer is so simple, I write to tell my travel stories. I do write to share my experiences on my travel. It’s through writing that I feel like am talking to many people And would wish for them to learn one or two things. My passion for writing came from people who kept on asking me to tell them how my travel was like. That’s the reason my writing theme is in a form as though … Continue reading Why do I write?

Why do I love Cycling?

How are you all dear friends? for me am just indoors on myself quarantine and decided to share a reason why i love one of my best hobby as many have been asking whats my favorite hobby or activity that i partake on my free time. I got many hobbies that i love but today i am talking of why i love cycling and why its one activity that i encourage most of my friends to take up for their leisure and travel. For sometime now, cycling has been my fun thing to do for me during my free time. … Continue reading Why do I love Cycling?

Nairobi? Here are pocket friendly places to visit

Have you been looking for exciting places in Nairobi that can make your weekend amazing, relaxing and above all memorable one? Nairobi as a city has got so much to offer and interesting places one can visit over the weekend and I am sharing some of my favorite places within the city to go explore and enjoy a weekend either on Saturday or Sunday and they are as follows: 1. Karura Forest (walk and picnic) This is the largest urban forest that you can find in Kenya. As by the name, this is a beautiful forest plantations covering some 630 … Continue reading Nairobi? Here are pocket friendly places to visit

My 2020 Travel Plan

Happy new year to you all……. It’s now almost 20 days into the new year how is the year taking you so far? Personally, it’s been good so far all doing cleaning of my tent and sleeping bag to selecting my maps so far. What are your plans for the year? I hope you got more travel plans for this year. So far my list and travel schedule is coming up so well and it’s my wish also to meet some of you loyal followers of my travel Stories or even have you join in some of the adventures in … Continue reading My 2020 Travel Plan