Jangwani; a gem by a waterfall

What’s the greatest adventure you have taken part in so far this year? I have done many things so far in 2019 and I have been contemplating on the best to share but I couldn’t come up with the best of the best as they are all best of the best. Out of the blue I just found myself being pushed by some will to share about a destination that I went to and can say it qualifies to be a “Hidden Gem” of Kenya. At first when the choice came for me to set foot there I would not … Continue reading Jangwani; a gem by a waterfall

Walking Back In History

Over the weekend I had some two memories coming back to me. At some moment I wondered of what to talk about my experience but I thought I should share bits of the memories.Been born and raised up in Mombasa, my attachment to the Lunatic line begun in my early years and to some extent I think that’s where travel bug bit me (may be a traveler left it there for the next victim to be bitten by the travel bug and I don’t regret being the victim.)On our holidays, the long holidays in December my mum would have my … Continue reading Walking Back In History

Weekend In Tanzania

Nothing beats scenic road trips combined with a lively group………………………. That’s what I learnt over the weekend when I hit the road leaving for Tanzania. As always it’s my personal challenge to see how many strangers I can turn into my best friends and here was my best challenge with a group of about 20 strangers giving me the biggest number of strangers I had for 2 days on a road trip so far in 2019.Robert Louis Stevenson once said that “I travel not to go anywhere but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to … Continue reading Weekend In Tanzania

Home Far From Home

Nanyuki Town!!!!! What comes in mind when you hear of that name? For me this is a town that has a share of legacy in the best pages of books of history locally, regionally and also globally. It has had a good time wearing a suit with pride for as long as calendar pages can roll back. To many it is the place where the end of a rail line gave birth to so much folk stories some sounds so comical. The locals baptized the town and gave it a name “…mwisho wa reli…” (Last bit of the railway line). … Continue reading Home Far From Home

What to do in Nairobi for Easter {affordable options}

Let me wish you all dear readers a happy Easter Holiday. I believe a good number of people have got many choices for the long weekend ahead as we celebrate Easter holiday. In this article I share my pocket friendly options of destinations that are cheap but make an amazing experience both for adults or even children. The charges are below 700 shillings per person and I may also be visiting them. First of all, I am glad KWS is offering buses to the public in Nairobi to experience the Nairobi National Park at Just Ksh 800 for adults and … Continue reading What to do in Nairobi for Easter {affordable options}

Challenge Accepted

“……I swear no one can burst this bubble of self glory and celebration of small achievement….” Those were the words of my friend Carrine on her completion of a half marathon as an amateur with no pre-training and her 3 hours experience in the Beyond Zero Marathon. On congratulating her for such an achievement she threw a challenge to the lazy Runner who me, “We should go run together” At first I was hesitant but as soon as she mentioned Karura Forest I accepted the challenge and we did set up a running date. However, the few days to the … Continue reading Challenge Accepted


Its now 60+ days into 2019 so far so good. 60 days have already taken centre stage on the new pages of the new year, as usual my shoes and backpack have had a good taste of dust, my binoculars and camera have fought for the best views, scenery and captured the best both in my mind and memory cards. There has been a growing request for me to share a list of other writers of whom are doing a great work promoting what I am pushing for and this is, “Domestic Tourism”. I am sharing a number of travel … Continue reading MY 2019 KENYAN TRAVEL BLOGGERS