What’s next for Nairobi?

Was having dinner at Kenya Comfort Hotel within the Nairobi City Business District and a question came to mind which for a good time has bothered me. The question is simples as “Is Nairobi worthy as an inbound destination rather than start and end of Visitors? “ This is one thing that has not been fully explored. I believe the city itself can be a complete destination on its own just like what Naivasha, Samburu, Masai Mara and others. The city can have weekend or even a week long staycation for residents and visitors to the city. Imagine we got … Continue reading What’s next for Nairobi?

Happy 2021

Yes we made it through 2020!!!! Did I wish you a happy new year? Pardon me for the little excitement making it to a new page of a calendar and closing an old one that was filled with hard times, challenges and lessons feels like we just concluded our first marathon. Happy new year to you all may this be a good year and even great year as by lessons we learnt in 2020 thanks to the pandemic that hit us abruptly and locked us at home and learnt that sanitizer can be a thing of our life and not … Continue reading Happy 2021

Taking stock of 2020

This year shall go down in record books!! It has been an year to remember from lessons learnt both good and bad. The year was planned so well as I ushered it on January 1st with so much hopes and many plans Adventures were planned on books and papers, monies were set aside and saved little did I know that COVID19 would come land here in Kenya from my distant relatives in Asia. Plans were drained away and hope almost lost. But as usual time was found and I did set foot to different places to even got to work … Continue reading Taking stock of 2020

Day Out At John Michuki Memorial Park

Sometime back I wrote about one of my favourite green space in Nairobi the little known Nairobi Botanical Garden located in the same compound as Nairobi National museum. It was a simple write up celebrating this amazing garden not knowing that later on I will write of it’s neighbouring green space today know as John Michuki Memorial Park. As the names suggest, this is a park approximately 10.4 ha bearing the name of the late Environment Minister Hon. John Michuki, established in 2008 at a site previously used as dumpsite and a criminal hideout which came about as a result … Continue reading Day Out At John Michuki Memorial Park

Lesson I have got traveling

Of all your travel, what have you learnt that makes you appreciate Traveling more than before? Personally, i have learnt to be with people and see them more like friends we had not met rather than strangers. i have travelled {not so much and met many people} and every time i meet people it doesn’t take long before we are great friends only to find out we share a lot of things together in our different travel times. Curiosity has taken me to many places and learnt that if you believe what you read or see on the news you … Continue reading Lesson I have got traveling

Road trip Mashinani, Nakuru

When am writing about my travel stories most and every blog has something that ignites my kick of or push me to write Today”s is special as I was reading and trying to learn about Italian Prisoners of war in Kenya. Did you know that we had about 19 camps that held Italian Prisoners of war in Kenya? Yes we did, one day I will write about a few I have learnt about from my reading and small research but I had written about one of them click here Italian Prison The story that gave me the moral to write … Continue reading Road trip Mashinani, Nakuru

Back to Geography classes

How often do you remember what you learnt back in school or collage? Personally I think almost everyday is a remind of a class or a subject back to school except from may be Chemistry where am yet to make an acid or count the number of atom or protons outside here (I hope I got it write on those words of proton and atom) Every day or every travel for me it’s like I always go back to a specific subject when I look from one side to the other. Reason being that I work or do my writing … Continue reading Back to Geography classes

Why do I write?

“Why do you write?” This is a question I always get to be asked by friends, fellow bloggers, colleagues and even family members. The answer is so simple, I write to tell my travel stories. I do write to share my experiences on my travel. It’s through writing that I feel like am talking to many people And would wish for them to learn one or two things. My passion for writing came from people who kept on asking me to tell them how my travel was like. That’s the reason my writing theme is in a form as though … Continue reading Why do I write?