Nairobi on 2 wheels

Nairobi has been known as the start of adventure for any visitor on a safari in Kenya, for many visitors there is little time spent to visit or experience what Nairobi has to offer. I have to agree that Nairobi has been for long “The City We Assume” as its has been not been explored so well and wide. So some few weeks back a friend of mine and a fellow cyclist by the name Steven Owen invited me for a cycling Saturday as we explored the city on two wheels visiting some of attractions and destinations a decision that … Continue reading Nairobi on 2 wheels

A Camping Oasis

Someone once said “A Bonfire Is Basically Just A Nightclub In The Mountains” But i would today say “…a bonfire is basically the place of freedom” i believe all campers of anyone who has even done camping can agree on that. That is how my camping went down 2 days before my birthday which is on this day am writing this diary of my weekend getaway as this time i was joined by a fellow travel blogger who was going for her first random camping adventure in my company for 2 days 1 nights short of our initial plan of … Continue reading A Camping Oasis

Jangwani; a gem by a waterfall

What’s the greatest adventure you have taken part in so far this year? I have done many things so far in 2019 and I have been contemplating on the best to share but I couldn’t come up with the best of the best as they are all best of the best. Out of the blue I just found myself being pushed by some will to share about a destination that I went to and can say it qualifies to be a “Hidden Gem” of Kenya. At first when the choice came for me to set foot there I would not … Continue reading Jangwani; a gem by a waterfall

Walking Back In History

Over the weekend I had some two memories coming back to me. At some moment I wondered of what to talk about my experience but I thought I should share bits of the memories.Been born and raised up in Mombasa, my attachment to the Lunatic line begun in my early years and to some extent I think that’s where travel bug bit me (may be a traveler left it there for the next victim to be bitten by the travel bug and I don’t regret being the victim.)On our holidays, the long holidays in December my mum would have my … Continue reading Walking Back In History

Weekend In Tanzania

Nothing beats scenic road trips combined with a lively group………………………. That’s what I learnt over the weekend when I hit the road leaving for Tanzania. As always it’s my personal challenge to see how many strangers I can turn into my best friends and here was my best challenge with a group of about 20 strangers giving me the biggest number of strangers I had for 2 days on a road trip so far in 2019.Robert Louis Stevenson once said that “I travel not to go anywhere but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to … Continue reading Weekend In Tanzania