Happy new year

We just started of new 12 chapters and 365 opportunities of 2022. Happy new year to you all dearest readers may this new Chapters be great and filled with adventures and discovery.

At Maumau’s monument at Uhuru park, freedom corner

As we start this new year I invite you to follow my small idea that has grown over the years into something I have become so passionate about and this is what I call #TheCityWeAssume an idea I have been pushing through my new Social media platform on Instagram called Nairobi On Foot

Briefing at Railway museum

Nairobi On Foot is a City walk tour that showcases history of Nairobi City by offering city walk tours withing the city centre of Nairobi giving one an opportunity to experience the city while visiting monuments and historical buildings along the Streets of Nairobi where charges are Ksh 1,000 per head for guiding fees no entrance fees as the walk is takes 2 hours and then those who are for longer walks charges are Ksh 3,500 per person inclusive of entrance fees to places of interest like Railway Museum, Kenyan archives, Nairobi Gallery and KICC helipad where the tour ends

One of the Steam Locomotive at Railway museum

Follow me on Instagram Nairobi On Foot for new updates and available tours plus viewing out previous walks

Happy New year to you all


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