Natural wonder in Kirinyaga county

Aristotle once said “….in all things of nature there is something of the marvelous…….” This words came true on my visit and exploration of Kirinyaga county and I was amazed to an agreement that indeed Kenya has not been fully explored!!!

Some days ago I was on the road as usual after the #HiddenKenyanGems that have been of my concentration. Just less than 2 hours I was on a diet road with many residents of my destination not even minding my presence only to discover they had got used to my cousins who are constructing a water dam in this area I had set foot (for once I felt at home and less a stranger)

It had been long and strange to me when I had of a place called “Ndaraca ya Ngai” (God’s bridge ) and that’s the main reason I was here. This is a place that is full of marvel and wonders!

It is a natural bride and as locals say, it is only God who could have built it. When you walk under the bridge you get amazing by the beautiful rock carvings under and the calmness of the river crossing on its way to the Indian ocean. It is said one is required not disturb this beauty and natural phenomenon as it may bring bad luck and mystery when you pluck the small rocks or stones. The place becomes great when you find resident boys diving in the bone chilling cold waters and they swim by the flow of the mighty river.

Later on in my visit I headed out to the most beautiful waterfall I have seen in this region! Thiba falls. Yes if you remember our Primary school Geography we were taught of Two rivers called Nyamindi and Thiba that drain all the way to the Indian ocean as they form the mighty Tana River (hope I have recalled my GHC days Asante Sana Mr Njogu)

Do you love enjoying a picnic or meditation? At the foot of this waterfall is a nice spot to chill, lay out your picnic mat and enjoy your moments away from the busy life of the city.

It is such destinations that give me more morale to keep on setting pace after the sun and the moon just to discover more of our beautiful country has got to offer as a destination, let’s keep exploring and if you know of beautiful hidden Kenyan Gems even back in your village just share it with me on my social media platforms as I am Called @ChinkuTravels

Day Out At John Michuki Memorial Park

Sometime back I wrote about one of my favourite green space in Nairobi the little known Nairobi Botanical Garden located in the same compound as Nairobi National museum.


It was a simple write up celebrating this amazing garden not knowing that later on I will write of it’s neighbouring green space today know as John Michuki Memorial Park.

Entrance to John Michuki park

As the names suggest, this is a park approximately 10.4 ha bearing the name of the late Environment Minister Hon. John Michuki, established in 2008 at a site previously used as dumpsite and a criminal hideout which came about as a result of the rehabilitation and restoration of the Nairobi River.

of a 500 sitter amphitheater, a new guard house and events’ grounds. 

I was told during my first visit that there are over 88 assorted tree species in the park and my best part of this park is the 500 sitter amphitheater made naturaly using glass as the cushion for seating area to the beautiful green tree cover that makes it the best place for nature walks, best place to relax reading a book or enjoying a picnic

The best park you can make a whole day at this park when you combine a visit to the National museum walk down to the umani gardens that’s part of the Nairobi Botanical garden and end your day at the Michuki Memorial Park.

On my visit I had friends joining me for a visit to the museum which I would highly recommend if you last visited it in your highschool as it has been renovated and expanded.

After our visit to the museum we walked into the botanical garden that is now connected with the Michuki Memorial Park where our picnic was made up of delicious cupcakes made by Cugari Delights check them out and try them I would recommend the chocolate cupcakes that I still enjoy in memories and orders I have made.

Cugari Delights cupcakes

With this festive seasons and you don’t have a plan don’t stay indoor, grab your mask and head to the museum and later visit the Michuki memorial Park your day will be great. Are you looking for a place to take him or her out? You have the best plan as I shared above .

keep safe and enjoy the Festivities