My Masai Culture Experience

 Cultural experience has been an influence behind my love for travel to the less known or least visited destinations in Kenya and everywhere. This is because my grandmother keeps telling me that “……..ata ceraga augaga nyina nowe uwi kuruga” loosely translates to “…..he who doesn’t travel thinks his mum is the best cook. The other hand i love culture because i am a product of 2 cultures which has made me love to experience, live, respect and admire different cultures. By the way i should write a blog about me so that people should stop asking me the most repeated question that i have lived giving the same answer “………why do you look like a chinese?”

Anyway, i love culture because when we respect or learn about other cultures we increase tolerance and the also the opportunity to come together with others as different cultures enhance the quality of life and most of all the well being of communities is promoted which leads to unity and harmony

Sometime back, i got the best opportunity to experience the real experience of the world famous and Leading Kenyan Brand ambassadors “The Masai”. I have been to and been with Masai community but never really had the real authentic experience and opportunity to learn and know more about the masai and this was my best experience of Masai culture in a real Masai village.

On this day, my phone rings and my good friend Rosebell of  East Africa Luxury Travel was the one calling me and I was all smiling. The big smile was all because I knew the call was an adventure call as we have been friends and have always travelled to many places together. “……are you free we go on an adventure?” the answer was as always a big YES

This time the adventure roads were leading us to the land of the Masai in the hidden village of Saikeri right behind the majestic Ngong hills. I was so excited as I have been with Masai people but never learnt much about them or their livestyle and way of living, this was now goin to be my first time experience in a true masai village.

The drive from Ngong area to the village is one that is amazing because you get through an amazing land covered in natural habitant especially of the accacia tree and a backdrop of the Ngong hills

As soon as you get to the village you just fall in love with your day as it a typical Maasai Village with Manyattas everywhere with domestic animals grazing here and there, it felt to me like arriving back in the village only difference is at our village we got no Manyattas but African huts.

We got to be welcomed by songs and traditional dances. The lady of the home welcomed us in her native Masai language with on of our friends translating it all to us. First on arrival, we learnt of the family members and given a tour of the homestead from the cow shed, to that of the goat then ushered into one of the Manyattas where learnt more about the Masai culture. My take home was finally I learnt that it doesn’t mean if you have a short wife then your house will be short but there is a standard set for building a house as in the Masai community it’s the duty of the women to build houses.

This masai village gives you a cultural experience from learning of the Masai people and their ways of lives but my best was the slaughtering of the goat (if you need to eat the masai nyama choma make your wishes known well before your visit) and i got the opportunity to try out the raw blood that the masai drinking as they slaughter a goat then got to enjoy the roasted meat.

Are you a lover of nature? Worry not as the village has a very beautiful nature walk trail that takes you on a walk as you learn about trees and their traditional uses especially medicinal uses to the amazing sites along the river bed it takes about 2 hour or less depending on how you enjoy the walk. The place has also got a good number of birds for the birdwatchers carry your binoculars as you will be spoilt for choice and you will have the best of your moments as you watch the beautiful birds.

If you are here for long, there is an amazing view point overlooking the Riftvalley and one of the best sunset or sundowner place in the bushes where you can enjoy a picnic with an unimaginable views above the masai land as you recollect the moments you had the whole day at this authentic masai village.

For booking and visits kindly get in touch with

Rosebell +254 722 838338

Semat (the host and son of this village also a good guide and a masai ) +254 720 781582


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