The New Shams Eco Camp

Sometimes all you need is great friends and thirst for Adventure which is what happened some days ago. I was all thinking of where to go to escape the busy life of the city mainly for a break and I was lost in making a choice of the best place not until my good friend who ranks highly in my adventure seeker friends her name is Rosebell Mugambi who is behind the great East Africa Luxury Travel called me and shared a plan of visiting a new camp that was launching and my answer as always was “…… I Am in…”

With Rosebell of East Africa Luxury Travel

Having been told that the camp was relatively new, I was at first wondering what to expect and in mind I had many imaginary images of how the new camp would look like but I was so positive at heart.

The name of the Camp

Our day of visit came and we were now in a group of 12 fellow adventure seekers all eager to experience the “new kid on the block..” by the name Shams Eco Camp at the back drop of Ngong hills by the Kimuka area that is thriving with business thanks to the newly tarmac Ngong – Suswa road.

Great team we had sampling Shams Eco Camp

The drive from Nairobi is all smooth until you get to Kimuka town where you branch off from the Ngong-Suswa and head towards the off road which takes you through a developing area with amazing new architectural products yet well preserved with a background of the beautiful Ngong hills.

The off-road with Ngong Hills at the background

After about 7Kms or so at Saikeri area, we made it to the Camp with little showers from the dark skies. The views just made me realize I had just found myself a hideout destination close to Nairobi lucky enough this is a glamping camp it would have overthowned Lake Jipe as my hideout camping destination but it is Shams Eco Camp that now comes second behind Lake Jipe.

Lake Jipe Campsite with elephants at the outdoor washroom

Settling at the Camp was not easy as we explore the beautiful set up even under the muddy condition that was on the ground nothing could stop us from exploring the Pods as we chose which one one would sleep in.

The walkway to the rooms

The pods or should I call them log cabins are just one of the main things that stole my heart. From outside I didn’t expect a very comfortable space that made me agree I had made the right decision, a comfortable bed, well designed interior and so much that only a visit can put justice to words as no word can be enough to tell the whole truth.

The interior of the pods / cabins

The night crawled in unannounced as we were busy checking out the different rooms before settling into division of labour from who was to put up the bonfire and who was to show off their skills at the kitchen. The views were now dotted with beautiful houses shining in the darkness just below the camp.

The bonfire

With the darkness taking over hides the beauty of this Camp which day light makes you appreciate the planning that took place while setting up this camp. The Sunrise is one that has no interruption which made me wake up so early in the morning to admire the sun rise from the Bonfire place

The bonfire place and over those hills is where the sun rises

On waking up, it’s was all comparing our rooms, commenting on the sunrise and the Instagram models took their moments to capture the best moments for their updates

The Instagram moments

The new morning also brought the competition and show off level to higher points as the breakfast team also wanted to outdo the team that was in charge of dinner which they did a good job

Bits of the breakfast not the full table

This camp is one place I have seen that promotes “home far from home” feeling because it gives you a chance to enjoy an adventure away from home but still feel at home. One reason I loved the Camp is that we did most of the things like cooking which makes me feel at home then the other thing I loved is the set up of the camp. The camp has great attention made on green area to the amazing bonfire place.

Views from one of the rooms towards the other rooms

Are you looking for a place for your birthday party or a place to hideout from the busy life of the city? Shams Eco Camp is the place to go, you can take up the whole camp of just one Wooden cabin for yourself and relaxed away the getaway.

Some beautiful works at the Camp

For details on rates and special offers just make a call and follow their Pages on Instagram and Facebook for great offers. There is much you can do around the camp like hiking the surrounding hills that include Ngong hills among others to historical monuments like the place where JM Kariuki a man well known in early Kenyan politics but his life ended sadly.

The great team at JM Kariuki monument

For bookings call

Mr Ng’ang’a +254 729 257317

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