Life lessons With Covid19

I read somewhere this statement and during this pandemic of Corona, I have seen them turn to reality. “..The one who notice the storm in your eyes, the silence in your voice and the heaviness in your heart Those are the ones  you need to let in.. “

Halo everyone, the silence has been so loud and my time on the road has been way below my average. Before Covid travel used to define where the sunset would meet us or where we shall enjoy the Sunrise. However, since Covid broke the news, traveling has been so limited and strict where we became so mindful of the destination and preparedness one

However, I am on the other side of the coin where am glad there has been too many lessons we have learnt with the arrival of the pandemic and also we got to appreciate so much that we took for granted. Biggest lessons is that many have got to know who their true friends are after going months without work, we got to see true friends check on each other and above all we got to appreciate life.

It has been an year plus and we have now kind of adapted living with covid, we have adopted the purchasing of hand sanitisers, wearing of masks to limited handshakes and above all personal hygiene has been improving day in day out.

If you got friends who checked on you just remember those are your true friends and worth to keep. If someone came to offer a shoulder to lean on after job loss, and other down moments that’s a heaven sent and we need to appreciate them as they are our new heroes and we keep on checking on each other.

Keep safe and let’s enjoy the new forms of adventures in masks as we keep social distance, to washing and sanitizing our hands and we shall be able to end this pandemic as normal travel is getting back

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