Hyena Caves and the other beauty of Kangundo

They say it’s the place to be, Machakos county indeed. What does the name Machakos mean when you hear of it? It was adopted from the Akamba seer who was known as Masaku, he welcomed the British in Kambaland in 1887, when the area was established as the first administrative centre for the new British East Africa colony (so let’s call it first capital City) with a fort built by Mr Fredrick Jackson of Imperial British East Africa Company but later demolished in 1921 with only two invaluable pillars which mark the site found at Machakos Police Station)

Felt like an introduction to a history class sorry for that but I just wanted you to have memories of that history class back in school. Anyway, I had planned my visit with an aom of setting foot on some hidden Gems in this location and my first was the amazing Komarock Catholic shrine. The main reason for my visit was the 70 feet tall concrete statue  of Mary holding her son Jesus as he was brought down from the cross. It’s a nice place for meditation and religious visit as there is a well define trail for the “way of the cross”

Later on I set foot into Kangundo town as I searched for another amazing destination called Kanzalu hill a place I heard that it was famous for paragliders.

This is more like the view point of Mt Oldonyo Sambuk it is more like a replica of Amboseli National park and Mt Kilimanjaro as at the top of the rock crop you are blessed with a beautiful view of Yatta Plateau below your feet

and at the far horizon Mt Kilimambogo or known as Oldonyo Sambuk stands boldly with a spot view of Masinga dam to the furthest corner.

It’s a great place for photography and a short hike also a picnic site as you take in the beauty of nature

Later my last destination which I never really knew not heard of until the boda boda riders requested to take me there which I agreed due to its curios name, ‘Maima Ma Mbiti’ and my adventure spirit boiled more when it was translated to “Hyena Caves” that was enough to make me add more zeros to the initial cost of bodaboda ride

Crawling in the caves underground that run for many metres is just an amazing experience it felt as though I was in chyulu hills or the Shetani lava caves but was glad I got to visit and explore this region of machakos above all Kangundo area which I was surprised there is a great number of nice hotels like Nguluni Savana lodge where a swim was necessary and a meal to fill my stomach.

There is so much to be explored in our amazing country beyond the traditional destinations all it needs it time sacrifice and willingness to go beyond the known. Happy new week and to the next adventure #ChinkuTravels

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