What’s next for Nairobi?

Was having dinner at Kenya Comfort Hotel within the Nairobi City Business District and a question came to mind which for a good time has bothered me.

One of the beautiful rooms at Kenya Comfort Hotel
Finishing dinner at Sokoni restaurant

The question is simples as “Is Nairobi worthy as an inbound destination rather than start and end of Visitors? “

At the KICC helipad

This is one thing that has not been fully explored. I believe the city itself can be a complete destination on its own just like what Naivasha, Samburu, Masai Mara and others. The city can have weekend or even a week long staycation for residents and visitors to the city.

View point at Uhuru park

Imagine we got a whole national park, a good number of wildlife reserves, great activities available in the city like bowling, Ice skating, to farms for coffee, tea and so much all at just reach in minutes but what have stakeholders done with this? Not enough to make Nairobi attractive as a destination but stuck the city as the start and end of every visitors instead of making it a worthy inbound destination.

Moments at National Museum

It’s my prayer as I put my hard work in my little effort to see the little I can do to see my view of the city change from a mere transit destination to more of an inbound destination where people can visit and experience what the city has under it’s sleeves

Railway museum

Enjoy your weekend and may your new month be filled with adventures

Quadbiking at 14falls lodge, Thika

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