Happy 2021

Yes we made it through 2020!!!!

Did I wish you a happy new year? Pardon me for the little excitement making it to a new page of a calendar and closing an old one that was filled with hard times, challenges and lessons feels like we just concluded our first marathon.

Happy new year to you all may this be a good year and even great year as by lessons we learnt in 2020 thanks to the pandemic that hit us abruptly and locked us at home and learnt that sanitizer can be a thing of our life and not pride or fearful of germs more above we learnt that masks can be fashionable and won daily like doctors did at our hospitals.

Much I learnt in 2020 the main thing is that always check on your friends and family members, appreciate them as they are golden gems that we take for granted.

We had the fear of leaving home and head out for adventures but this year adventure will define our free time

To you dearest bosses of mine, you who read my blogs (even if my English is not perfect thank God you can’t see my handwriting🙈🙈),you who comment and share my work and the partners we have worked or travelled together I would say “Thank You so much” you are the people who make me do this and may 2021 be the best to you all .

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