Why do I love Cycling?

How are you all dear friends? for me am just indoors on myself quarantine and decided to share a reason why i love one of my best hobby as many have been asking whats my favorite hobby or activity that i partake on my free time. I got many hobbies that i love but today i am talking of why i love cycling and why its one activity that i encourage most of my friends to take up for their leisure and travel.

For sometime now, cycling has been my fun thing to do for me during my free time. I have written more blogs on cycling more often from my adventure cycling to Mombasa from Nairobi to the Kinangop cycling https://chinkutravels.wordpress.com/2017/09/17/kinangop-advenchaaaaa/ on this day we just left on an early morning and decided to see off one of our friend as he was heading home back to the village for a weekend. The only thing that made us fall for this temptation was the offer of accomodation and also being a new route for most of us which made us feel like this was something for us to try out and have an experience on this route, only a cyclists can tell you the Fear of missing out on a group ride on a new route.

https://chinkutravels.wordpress.com/2019/01/28/cycling-weekend/ This was an amazing blog where i talked of how important road users need to respect each other on road whether you are riding on an engine of 4000CC or 0 CC as you walk on foot.

More blogs i have written on cycling all because this is a hobby that i love for it acts as my best reason to exercise as am poor and a big enemy of the gym. Cycling to me is more of an exercise both physically, mentally and above all economically. Physically is because i got to push my muscles and legs to their limits, i got this as the best time to sweat out myself and see how fit i am. Mentally cycling gets your senses to be so alert because as you ride your bike, you need an alert ear, keen eye and un disrupted mind as we always say when cycling that “when cycling always have your mind active” in this city of Nairobi, as a cyclist at time you need to act like spider man dodging pedestrians, open manholes, frequent ending cycling lanes, or the cart puller on the wrong side of the road or even that speeding bodaboda guy running away from the rogue city council askaris

economically { yes don’t ask why i had to address this on its own paragraph} so economically cycling is pocket friendly only as soon as you get a bike for yourself as that bike is an expensive investment as a good bike costs few coins and don’t come cheaply. But when you get a bike, your travel becomes budget based as you only have few costs incurred like a banana and the energy boosting fanta Orange { its funny how you will never find me buying this soda for my leisure consumption but when you find me sweating and patting while cycling this is the bottle you will always find me with a bottle or two because of the energy giving purpose it has.

You want to travel and exercise at the same time while also saving on your money?? Pick up cycling and your life will change. Most of my friends know how much i pull them into the cycling world and always encourage them to cycle more either for fun or travel which many have come to agree that cycling is one hobby that is life changing and fun filled activity that shows you how amazing it is when you meet a fellow cyclist and they give you the wave as you pass by each other. So start with cycling few kilometers before going hard and tough on yourself.

Enjoy your time and please keep safe in this tough moments of Corona virus i remain the story teller and traveler #ChinkuTravels

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