Adventure back to Nguruman and Loita hills

Someone once said “A Good Friend Listens To Your Adventures. A Best Friend Makes Them With You.” this has been my measure for who I can call adventurous friends. And the weekend started on 17th turned this words true and if I am to trade anything else with the 5 friends I was with, I wouldn’t as I would only request to pack our bags right now and just go where the roads or the grounds that can welcome us as the 6 of us.

Our first minutes into the journey made Izaak Walton sound like a travel prophet when he said that “Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.”

and sincerely I never realized how time nor days moved over that weekend not until when I arrived back to Kiserian on a Thursday of 21st November.

“What is this all about?” You may be asking this after 3 paragraphs. So let me go to the start of it all.

“What’s bro, I miss camping…spontaneity”

“When are you free”

“Anyday anytime any destination”

“Nguruman unadai tuteremke lini?”

“Tumekua huko before”

“Hapana, tubebe watu spontaneous tukawaonyeshe that Paradise”

“It’s a deal”

That was the start of all this adventure from a simple conversation with my brother Travel With Eliud

(click the link and read his experience over the same weekend) and that’s how most of our adventures grow.

We went for a hunt among our friends and only 4 got to fit our planned adventure and they are

1. Yvyonne of Mimi Times blog

2. LG Shiks of Village Girl travels

3. Clement of Virgin Explorers

4. Dennis Gitonga of Africa Vacation

This was not my first nor my second time back to our destination which was the horizons of Lake Magadi to the beautiful Nguruman and Loita hills hidden from many by the Olkirimatian Conservancy, but it was among my many in counting just like the previous visit I share in my blog : “Short Escape to the wild”

The set date came and we met at Kiserian town ready for a close to 4 hour journey over a short distance of 156Km (yes just imagine that distance with no traffic on the road and it takes that long)

Happy and onboard the only bus that plies this road famously known as “Simba” under Msafara Sacco and the fare is Ksh 500 one way and the great host Mr Mbugua who kind of recognized My brother #TravelWithEliud and I but was glad to see our return with more friends.

The journey took us through Amazing untouched Masai land and the amazing Magadi town

( a private town that is set up for workers at the Tata Magadi soda lake which is evident by visitors signing in and out at the main gate)

After Magadi the tarmac runs out and the reality that you are leaving behind luxury hits you when dust, wildlife to no human signs go for hours as you drive towards the horizons

and a sunset welcoming you to the beautiful Shompole conservancy and home to the amazing Lentore lodge that is also office to our host and big brother Leonard Ndungu

On drier seasons be ready for a more dusty ride for hour which makes you see yourself in the mirror of your future like once I did in 2015

The journey went on well and we checked into Nguruman town where our camp was to be the home compound of our big brother,

neither did we lose time to settle down, minutes later a meal was ordered after a welcoming fruit pudding of Mangoes and pawpaw thanks to our guide and long friend Nandiyo whom we spent many adventures together back to our visit

The 1st night went on great as we “Kunyihiyad huai” (reduce the night) with a game of pool table and our 1st time visitors got to drench down the dust with a cold beer and we later went to rest ready for an early hike up the amazing Entasopia

Early rising we did and set out after breakfast to start our hike. Having hiked up the Entasopia before and before it is my best moment on a return visit to this place as at the end of the sweating, cursing (yes, you will curse everything from the ants walking past the tired you as though they don’t feel tired, to the birds that seems to be laughing at the sweaty and tired self)

but many breaks come along the way to the peak and people rest in their own comfort to recover😂😂😂

I never usually give up on this hike and as always I wear the suit of a strong last man standing all because I know a reward awaits and it is the amazing waterfall at the end of the hike, just imagine being surrounded by natural beauty and the sounds of a waterfall

The waterfall in 2015

The hike went on for about 2 hours and I become so excited encouraging the new visitors that as the river takes a corner ahead of us they will be so excited and Me too as last time I don’t jump into the waterfall because we spotted footprints of a leopard in the sandbanks of the fall but this time I was so determined to do it

Same waterfall in 2018

However, My brother #TravelWithEliud got the looks of “Gentlemen, we want what you promised us” as we got to the place the beautiful waterfall stood, we had no words to explain what stood before our new visitors to the so hyped beautiful cascading waterfall

How the “waterfall” looks 2019

Our guide showed us some markings to even make we the repeat visitors get convinced that we were standing in the same position that we did an year ago

It was no more!!!!

All swept by ranging anger Flooded river that we came to be told and showed the signs by massive rocks and tree trunks it carries with it after heavy rains

Our great expectations and boasting moments we dimmed but we decided to enjoy a “duff mpararo” (river swimming) to wash away the shock before hiking down

The second day and the third was all an explanation and showcasing the craziness we have always been hiding from each other, from tree climbing

To a game of card and hitting hard of our livers thanks to a gift from Malawi

We even went to explore farms where we fed our stomachs to fulfilment of fresh fruits and some for cooking

Everyday when we woke up it was all an amazing day in expectations of laughter and exploring the grounds like Yvonne who went for a baboon walk which we had experienced in our previous visit to our enjoyment of swimming

When our days came to an end to return to the city nobody was in reality that we were leaving behind the amazing life and we were all contemplating on our return journey.

But as always of every adventure, we woke up so early (3am) to reunite with Mbugua our bus marshal and our beloved “Simba” because if you miss it at that time, you have no choice but wait the next morning (I think next time all alarms should not behave by following orders of waking us up but let us down so that we spend more time there)

Onboard “Simba”

By the time we made it back, we already had our next plan and I can’t wait for the time to come so that I spend more time with these amazing friends that have made my agree that

“Sometimes all you need is a great friend and thirst for adventure”

Untill the next adventure I let me taking in my shock of the disappeared waterfall and say I remain yours,

Photo Credits #TravelWithEliud

#ChinkuTravels always after #HiddenKenyanGems