Nairobi on 2 wheels

Nairobi has been known as the start of adventure for any visitor on a safari in Kenya, for many visitors there is little time spent to visit or experience what Nairobi has to offer. I have to agree that Nairobi has been for long “The City We Assume” as its has been not been explored so well and wide.

So some few weeks back a friend of mine and a fellow cyclist by the name Steven Owen invited me for a cycling Saturday as we explored the city on two wheels visiting some of attractions and destinations a decision that i made took me to a whole level of appreciating Nairobi more as a tourist destination for both locals and visitors.

When the day came for the real actualization of the planned cycling adventure, we met fellow cyclists at Elite Bike shop and Service { Are you in Nairobi and need to buy a bike for cycling or service your bike, I would recommend this great shop located at Kilimani you will love their work} for a short briefing and start of the ride which led us into Kibera, with a simple off-road and small climbs into Langata area. It is such sectors of cycling that are my favorite because its is when you see fellow cyclists click their gears to make climbs easier for them and challenge each other how well one loves climbs and downhills.

Our first destination for the day, Nairobi Safari. This is one of the beautiful places in Nairobi as it gives you a close encounter with wildlife from a pygmy hippo to a Rhino all of them you view them from a raised platform give right to the name “Nairobi Safari walk” as this place takes you on a short safari while you are in Nairobi all by walking. This was also a place i wore my suit well as a guide sharing “little knowledge” that i have making few jokes at some points just to try make everyone forget the climbs and drops on our bikes. After our walking safari we were of and onto the chaotic Magadi Road.

This is one of the roads in Nairobi that road respect for all road users need to be taken but the Marshals did an amazing job to give ethics to road users and a good number of them learnt that all road users should respect each other how i wish they can join the monthly Nairobi Critical Mass to see the growing number of cyclists in Nairobi and learn that all road users should respect each other no matter how small their commuting way is.

Few kilometers we checked into Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage which is opened daily for 1 hour from 11 to noon giving people an opportunity to get close to baby elephants and learning more about conservation effort that has put Kenya as a global leader in conserving mother nature.

Later past noon we were off again to one of the cyclists friendly area of Nairobi, Karen. This is one of the places i have ridden my bike in Nairobi without fear of been hit by a car or a rogue “matatu”, it was amazing to see cars slow down behind you waiting for the road to clear then pass you. Slow but sure under little shower from the sky may be as a sign from nature that cooled us down before we got to our other planned destination, Girrafe Centre {Read about my earlier visit} where we got to have fun and close up encounter with tall gentle Giraffes that would make a gentle man find it hard to say where they have been as they bear names as Daisy who i have come to learn she is named after Daisy I, the first giraffe at the center in 1979 today she is She is Daisy IV and one of the 10 Rothschild Giraffes under the care of this center.

When we were done with the gentle animals it was our time to return to our starting point that was still planned as our final destination. Such adventurous cycling activities have been amazing changing the idea and how everyone looks at cyclist in Nairobi.

for more cycling adventures call STEVE OMONDI On +254 713 042487

Photo credits to Moses Kamwere

Let us respect all road users and be safe on the road.


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