Karura Forest; Lungs Of Our City

Have you been to a place and it stole your heart? For me Karura Forest was just like what “Love Stories” in Soap Operas that are flooding our Television Sets (I am not saying this to offend you lover of this great Soap Operas) it was all “Love At First Sight” only for me it was “Love At First Visit” back few years ago and i still go back almost every weekend.

The forest is also a place that I go to have my meditation or break away from the busy week where I either go to cycle my bike or at time just enjoy a walk along the beautiful trails that run for kilometers yet so refreshing.

This is a place I believe most of my friends have ended up visiting either because I drag them along or talk a lot about Karura Forest ending up seeing them fall in love with Karura

The beauty of this Lung of the city is that it is all secure by an electric fence all around it with well marked trails that ensure you don’t get lost in the beautiful nature that’s all well kept and preserved from the efforts of the Late Professor Wangari Mathai who struggled together with other environmental lovers for a future generation which today their efforts are bearing fruits from the number of visitors to Karura Forest

It has got a beautiful waterfall that changes in size as by the rainfalls.

At times its water become so low that it almost becomes bear and on arrival of the rainy seasons

it shows its mighty roaring deep in the valley covered by the mighty forest and acting as a welcoming beauty to its visitors.

The amazing Caves that are historical from being said to be a hide out for our freedom fighters during independence struggles and also as an archeology site.

There has been great additions to this amazing forest as years pass by. Today it has become a place of picnicking, photography, birding, primate observation like the Colombus monkeys to the vervet monkeys among other wild animals located in here.

How I wish we had more and more of such places all around and withing the city where we can have fun, practice environmental conservation to much more like catching up with old friends or even meeting new ones

If you are visiting Nairobi for the first time, after visiting the Nairobi National Park I would recommend it that you took time to visit Karura Forest either for a walk, jogging, cycling or just looking for the birds,animals or even enjoying Botany to its best and I believe you will enjoy

Visit the Lilly lake named after the great number of Lilly plants found there,

Go enjoy great views at the platform overlooking a swamp

Don’t forget to carry some picnic with you as there are great picnic sites located in the forest with picnic benches

The forest can be accessed through Kiambu Road or Limuru Road just right after the Belgium Embassy. If you have got a car parking is available at pocket friendly charges and also you can use Public Service Vehicle (matatus as we call them in Kenya).

Dont forget to take along a good camera or make use of your Phone Camera to capture the beauty then share it with friends

Enjoy more pictures below from my walk that I had and as always remember to travel more and encourage more to accompany you.


9 thoughts on “Karura Forest; Lungs Of Our City

  1. Yeah, Karura Forest is awesome for picnics, running, and bikers. Next time you visit, invite me. I like running away from the noise sometimes and interact with mother nature.

    Great work!

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