Kigali to Kampala by Road

the city on 7 hills

Carrine's World

So I resumed work today and a number of people have been asking about the Uganda guy (cool down guys , he was just my guide) and the Kampala blog. So here goes..

I tend to overspend sometimes so before I had left Kigali for Kibuye, I reserved my seat for Kampala on modern coast. VIP ticket was RF 15,000 while the normal ticket was RF 10,000.

Budget Travel Tips:

  • To limit how much you spend, pay for important stuff like accommodation and transport before-hand.
  • Travel at night to save up on accommodation fee.
  • Limit use of taxis unless necessary
  • Eat at local hotels (they are cheaper and food is great).
  • Ask if you could join groups going on the same excursions to minimize on excursion fees (like the boat ride)

My bus being scheduled for 8:00PM, I had some time to explore Kigali town and take my dinner…

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