She was Shy, Elegant and with a big heart

Its been a month now since when we decided to take up a challenge with #TravelWithEliud 

to go back in time visiting places that many people last set foot in while in school on those amazing school trips and we named this challenge #GoingBackInMemory as we begun with #TheCityWeAssume then #TheVillageInTheCity (Bomas of Kenya) and others as we try to showcase how Nairobi as a City is a tourism destination good for day out with friends, Family or even get together which grown in us the pride of having Nairobi as a Tourism destination. 

We can’t believe it that it has taken us one month and yet we have not cover all that Nairobi can offer may be when we shall be done I will list down all great destinations we have in Nairobi then may be challenge one or everyone (starting of with my friends) to visit them all and give their experience.

As we laid out the next destination we decided to try out accessibility of these destinations by using Public transport and see how accessible they are to both those with personal available transport and those who use public means of transport like myself.

This time round our destination was a visit to a home of an amazing animal that  shy, elegant, tall, beautiful, and with a big heart. Yes they are found here near the city and just like our national park that is close to a big city so is what our destination is in similar to the park, 

few minutes from the city centre is the Giraffe Centre that is 5 kilometers from the city centre and a place that you can feed the Giraffes at close range and learn more at the education centre.

 It was started by Jock Leslie-Melville, the Kenyan grandson of a Scottish Earl, when he and his wife Betty captured a baby giraffe to start a programme of breeding giraffe in captivity at their home in Langata home of the present centre. 

If using Public service vehicles, get a bus at Ambassador hotel plying the Langatta – Karen route and ask the conductor to drop you at Giraffe centre, it will damage your cost approximately Ksh 60 to get you there from Nairobi City Centre. When we left the city centre we had our heads peeping out of the windows admiring the green suburbs of Karen before we knew it the bus stop and the bus conductor called out the name Giraffe centre (its a common thing with Kenyan bus conductors to call you out by your destination). 

We alighted and got to walk down the road for almost 900 metres before we got to the gate of Giraffe centre and paid our fees which coated us 250 Kenya shillings. Afterwards, we got a handful of pellets and walked up to the raised platform that almost looks like a watchtower then suddenly like models on a fashion show catwalk they came, so tall and elegant. 

First to approach was Stacy (yes they all got names) with her long tongue out on my hand to get a pellet and this went on for a given time before I got the courage to feed Daisy who we were told is a shy one and doesn’t like young children 

(I thought because children are short and I got afraid thanks to my height which I feared Daisy would confuse me with a small child and give me a head bump) but she accepted me very well and had great time together.

One of the care taker told me that a giraffe doesn’t sleep for more than 5-30 minutes I. 24 hours. And they have got a big heart that measures 0.3m by 0.6m (2ft by 1ft) and weighs about 11kg (we joked that they can’t even feel a heartbreak thanks to their big heart), for the big heart they can pump as much as 76 litres of blood per minute generating a blood pressure 3 times greater than that of a human for this, the neck  has specialized valves in the altery and veins that interrupt the blood flow to regulate blood pressure.

After the great time with Daisy and her friends (or can I say her sisters?) 

We got to enjoy a nature trail just opposite the main entrance of the giraffe centre that took us about 1-2 hours enjoying true natural environment walking along a small river, went to a view point named Ngong view point then also got to find a mini-waterfall. It felt so relaxing and a way of simple meditation breathing fresh air and no pollution.

After the wonderful nature walk experience we had to call it a day. Our adventures so far we have realised that indeed Nairobi is indeed #TheCityWeAssume 

For it has got so much to offer which we really need to experience with friends and even family members and the adventure experienced is beyond description.

Till the next adventure, I hope you are planning to travel and experience the Beautiful Kenya we have, many call it a destination, but we call it home so let’s enjoy its beautiful parks and amazing cultures it has.

Take time travel, discover and learn many lessons to new culture above be a great domestic tourist promoting #MagicalKenya. Hope to meet you on my adventures #ChinkuTravels 


  1. Beautiful…now i know how big a giraffe’s heart is!!! 🤔
    I find their height intimidating…though would definitely love to feed them😍

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